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The Process/FAQs
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In most cases, your DUI nightmare begins upon being stopped while driving on the roadway and being arrested and charged with DUI.  After the stop, the officer will generally ask you a few preliminary questions and then ask you to step out of the vehicle to perform the standardized field sobriety tests.  These are tests such as the horizontal gaze nystagmus, one leg stand, and walk-and-turn and must be performed pursuant to the standardized manner or the test results are not valid per NHTSA Guidelines.

After being arrested, you are then taken to the county jail or city jail and asked to submit to a breath test on the Draeger breath testing device.  You will then be placed in a holding cell awaiting your later release.  As you can see, there are many steps in the DUI prosecution and arrest process and if the police officer made a mistake in any one of the steps, then your case can be challenged.

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We have streamlined the process to hire the Marshall County DUI defense lawyers at Kreps Law Firm.  It is important that we begin working on your case as soon as possible for several reasons.  The first reason is that there are many issues related to the driver's license aspect of your case that must be handled immediately and within specific time frames.  In the event these items are not handled, then some of your options will not be available.

Other reasons are that evidence may get lost or destroyed as time passes.  Therefore, we need to evaluate your case and do whatever we can to request that the prosecutor preserve the evidence against you so that we might review the information prior to your court appearance.

The process for evaluating your case includes us obtaining preliminary information from you by telephone and then forwarding to you our DUI defense questionnaire that must be filled out and returned to us.  In addition, in almost all cases, we will file discovery motions with the court to obtain all of the information and evidence that might be used against you.  This would include police officer reports, field sobriety test reports, information related to the breath test, and any video or audio evidence against you.

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