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Why Kreps Law Firm?
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Our team of DUI defense lawyers are members of the National College for DUI Defense.  What this means is that we fly all over the country for specialized and highly technical training in order to gain information to get you the best result in your Marshall County, Alabama case.

The advanced training that we receive in breath testing, standardized field sobriety testing, and general DUI defense is second to none.  We are trained by some of the best DUI defense lawyers throughout the United States.

One of the first questions you should ask any attorney that you may be speaking with about your DUI charge is whether that attorney is a member and actively involved in the National College for DUI Defense.  The information that we receive in this training allows us to spot problems and issues in the arrest that the court and prosecutor may not otherwise know about.

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In addition to being members of the college, our Marshall County, Alabama DUI lawyers are certified per NHTSA guidelines to administer standardized field sobriety tests.  This means that attorneys Joseph C. Kreps and D. Louise Duckwall know the proper instructions and the proper clues that the police officer that arrested you is supposed to be looking for when making a determination about arresting you for DUI.  Further, attorney Kreps is certified as a field sobriety test instructor.


The attorneys and staff working on your Marshall County, Alabama DUI case are very accessible and knowledgeable in the area of DUI defense.  If, at any time during your case, you have a question, all you have to do is call our office or send us an e-mail and you will be provided the courtesy of a prompt response.  Should you need to speak with a lawyer that is working on your case in the event a team member cannot answer your question, a simple phone call to our office to schedule a time to speak to the attorney is all that is necessary.

Many times because our team members are so knowledgeable in the area of DUI defense your non-legal questions can be answered without the need to speak to an attorney which allows you to get answers very quickly.  Our team members are very passionate about helping people and holding our clients' hand through this difficult time. 
If you've been charged with DUI in Boaz, Guntersville, or Albertville Municipal Courts or Marshall County District Court call us today at (866) 348-2889 or CLICK HERE so that we can begin helping you through this process.


DUI cases are won and lost on the details.  If as DUI attorneys, we did not request information such as videos and breath test information, then we would not know what information may or may not be used against you in court.  We go through a very meticulous discovery process with almost every one of our cases so that our clients are as informed as much as possible in making decisions about how to proceed through the DUI litigation process.  We spend hours and hours preparing our cases for trial or pretrial hearings or initial appearances depending on the status of the cases.

We take a personal interest in our clients and their cases and do whatever we can to make our clients feel comfortable as we move through the process.  We will take the time to get to know you as our client and will provide you with updates throughout the process.  In addition, we are very open and direct with our clients and will work through the process with passion and determination and also with an eye towards making you comfortable through this stressful time.


Our goal in each and every Marshall County DUI case that we handle it is to have the DUI charge dismissed or settled for a non-DUI disposition.  This means that you would not suffer the consequences of having a DUI conviction on your record for life.  In most cases, this will also achieve the goal of preserving your privilege to operate a motor vehicle on the streets and highways of the state of Alabama.

In every Guntersville DUI case that we handle, our staff and attorneys meet and come up with a specific plan for your case and alter and amend that plan as we move through the litigation process.  We will leave no stone unturned and will discover as much information about your case as humanly possible.  We will come up with a plan to get you the best result and will guide you down the path to get you to the point of that result.

Call our office today at (866) 348-2889 or CLICK HERE to discuss your case with one of our Boaz, Albertville, Guntersville DUI defense team members.

Aggressive and Effective Marshall County, Alabama DUI Defense Representation

Kreps Law Firm, LLC DUI Defense attorneys handle DUI, Public Intoxication, and other charges pending in Marshall County, Alabama.  We have handled hundreds of Alabama DUI, speeding tickets, and other criminal charges.  Call us TODAY (866) 348-2889 and let our DUI experience go to work for you. We are lawyers that help Alabama DUI Laws clients in Marshall County, including the cities and communities of Albertville, Arab, Boaz, Douglas, Grant, and Guntersville Municipal Courts, and Marshall County District Court.

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